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Total Objects is an independent insurance software and services provider, helping Brokers to demonstrate the value they add in advising the client on how best to balance their risk management needs, whilst working with the Underwriter to minimise their the risk exposure. The leadership team, which is already very people-focused, asked Extra Dimension to provide a deeper understanding of their key employees and how they can engage with them even more.



Extra Dimension was commissioned to conduct a Team Motivation Review for the senior employees in the organisation.   The main objectives were to:-

  • Help key employees to understand themselves from a different viewpoint
  • Understand the impact they have on others
  • Help the leadership to get the best from their teams and each individual



  • Open discussions, role changes, issues resolved, better relationships, employees more pro-active, organisational changes
  • Having different, clearer data about each other enabled more open discussions, which deepened working relationships across the team
  • The programme uncovered a number of personal and work issues that were quickly addressed
  • Individuals took greater ownership of their issues and careers and became more pro-active at dealing with them, and seeking support from the Execs
  • The programme led to a number of role changes, clarifications and sparked an organisational change that, in hindsight, was overdue


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